Ahh Haa

I feel like every day something new is being revealed to me, something that I should have known for as long as I have been a Christian. I am having these “ahh haa moments” and it is just blowing my mind!!!

Yesterday I was driving to church and was running late. There is a certain point on my trip to church where my regular radio station goes out, so I hit the scan button, and was intrigued when I heard this question asked, so I stopped the scan. The person talking asked “What would be different in your life tomorrow, if the Holy Spirit left your life today?” It was Family Life Today and they were interviewing Francis Chan on Forgotten God. I had no clue who he was, but after looking him up online to see the show I was listening too and his name, I think I have heard of some of his material “Crazy Love” before, but I haven’t ever listened to him or ready his material.

Anyway, He shared about a faith and how the Holy Spirit helps us. He was talking about how his faith had grown, but how often people are afraid to pray big because they do not want to be disappointed or look bad if God doesn’t answer “Yes” to the prayer, as they requested. He told this story about a lady coming to him asking for counseling for her marriage, the week her divorce would be finalized. She was standing in faith, and asked him to agree with her. He was questioning her view on reality and he was not having faith. However four years later, her marriage is still restored and the couple is still married. It helped him in his walk to begin believing for the impossible.

As he shared, maybe it was the lady’s story, that so resembles my own with my spouse. Or maybe it was the message from the week before I heard about how the seed of all God’s character is in us at salvation. But I had this “ahh haa moment.” I felt so overwhelmed by it. I am not even sure I have the words to explain what all I got out of it.

So here is a brief summary:

1) With God, all things are possible.

2) It ain’t faith, if I know it can happen.

3) You have to step out in action having true faith.

4) Love never fails.

5) If Christians would step out in action, believing in faith, things would happen that would rock this world and turn things upside down.

6) You can’t stop believing.

7) It is only going to happen one person at a time.

8) I gotta be part of it.

Like I said, these things are things I have “known.” But I have never applied it to my life. I mean brief moments of great faith, answered prayers, and then back to mundane. This Mr. Chan was talking about being shocked when God doesn’t move as he asks!!!

Maybe I will be able to reveal more about it, but right now, I am still overwhelmed by the revelation.

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