A Parent’s Job

I was driving with my mother to church on Wednesday, reflecting on life. Mostly filling quiet space-filling her in on my thoughts from the day. It dawned on me that starting in two and ending in five short years my children will be old enough to move out and start lives of their own. I was saddened by this thought because my life has revolved around my kids.   As I got to church, my mom, other family and church members tried to encourage me, that “they don’t always leave”, “they come back”, etc. I just asked for prayer for guidance and direction.

So today I sat here with my little nephew and my son and just enjoyed them. My oldest daughter was at work, my husband was napping was napping, and my youngest was away at camp. My four-year old nephew was telling me he was a big boy.  I told him that he could be his mom and dad’s big boy, but he is our baby. He was okay with this. I love that little guy! Even during his difficult moments.butterfly-436705_1280

Well, as I sit here reflecting again, kids laid down watching TV and texting in the chair next to me, I realized that it is my job.  It is my job to prepare my kids to go out on their own.  If I am a successful parent, my kids will move out on their own, support themselves, start their own families, make good decision, and start their job as parents.

I will be able to watch this process and hopefully be proud of the decisions that they make, because I taught them.  You know the important things like being a Christian, love, acceptance, forgiveness, kindness, contentment, hard work, putting others before themselves, honesty, integrity, good morals and values.

It will be hard for me to see my babies become adults, and I will certainly miss the days where they babies, but I think that God will give me the grace to move into the next stage of life knowing that I did my job as a parent to the best of my ability.

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