Feeling Overwhelmed

In today’s society so many are overwhelmed by the circumstances engulfing their life.  I admit there are times that I get to feeling that way, but what overwhelms me consistently is the love of Christ. I am taken aback as I read His words. I have been trying to do a study of the life of Christ, not from a book, but from THE BOOK. I am a very literal person. I believe that when Christ says His followers have the same power that He had and that we will do the miracles He did and even greater ones; that we are supposed to be using that power and authority. I want to know from His life how I should be living and what I should be doing.

It overwhelms me as I read the soverwhelmedcriptures that say that He turned water into wine, walked on water, healed the sick, raised the dead, and feeding the multitudes. How can it be?  All that He spoke is true, yet I, and most other believers do not walk in this authority and power. WHY? I know the answer, I don’t like it but I know the answer – lack of faith.

It overwhelms me to read of the compassion that Christ had. So many different examples of Him being tired and worn out, wanting to get away and rest, and yet He would see the multitudes and have compassion and give more of Himself. If I am supposed to live as Christ did, where is my compassion? I like to help people, but when I want rest, I don’t have compassion. I am not even nice if I am tired. How is that Christ like? I know the answer – it is not, it is allowing my flesh not my spirit to control my life.

Tonight I am reading in Mark about how Jesus fed the multitudes, then sent his disciples to the other side of the body of water. Jesus comes walking out and gets into the boat. Walking on water got their attention. Taking fives loaves of bread and two fish and feeding a multitude didn’t (Mark 6:52)? I asked myself while reading, bible-20487_1280God how can they see that many lives touched and not be amazed, but one man walks on water and it gets their attention? I know the answer.

I was quickened in my spirit that there are many miracles that God has worked in the life of others around me, but the ones that speak loudest are the ones that I directly witness that impact my life. I want to see the starving children in Africa fed, but I am moved when I talked to a young child who has starved and wants to hide food so they will always know they have it available. Even typing those words moves me to tears. I have heard lots of stories about God healing people, even know people He has healed of cancer and other life threatening diseases, but I am amazed when I pray for a little ache and God heals it.

So I go back to being overwhelmed at how God can move in mighty ways, and yet it is the simple things that really add up and overwhelm me. I am overwhelmed when I think of the task before me, living for Christ. But then I know the answer – Read His Word, Believe His Word and Do His Word. It is overwhelming, but it really is that simple!

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