Honoring Others

Recently our church started a study of Honor’s Reward by John Bevere for our Wednesday night services. We are just two weeks into it, but it is really an awesome study. I have to caution though if you are NOT ready to make real changes in your life, don’t watch it or read it!  I am a firm believer that we are responsible for what we have heard.

This week John Bevere talked about the groups of people we need to honor. We need to honor those in authority over us, our peers, and those under our authority. As he gave examples, I realized that I really have an Honor Problem – especially with those in authority over me.

As he gave examples from the Bible, several examples from my own life came to my awareness. Like making snappy comments about my husband, or complaining about my boss or previous boss (Even if I preface it with I like them as a person but…..), or talking about my previous pastor and his wife (OUCH – that one really hurt). While they may all have things to work on (And that is between them and God, and really has nothing to do with me), the lack of honor I had for their authority over me is MY PROBLEM!! And because it is my problem it could be hindering God answering my prayers – and I love to pray for others.

So I thank God that He brought this teaching into my life so that I could repent and change. Do I like it – Heck No! I liked living in my own justification of my wrong actions. I mean I knew it was wrong to talk about them, which I have been working on, but it doesn’t change the dishonor in my heart.

I know that it will not be easy to humble myself and allow God to make this change in me. Crucifying my own thoughts and feelings, and learning to walk at a new level is going to hurt. I am glad that God revealed it to me at a time when I have an opening heart to receive His correction. I want to honor God, I want to honor others – I need to honor. Even though we are doing the DVD series, and I take good notes, I think this is one where I am going to have to buy the book and really study to let it sink in and bring about the change in my heart that I know God is calling me too.

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