A New Year

Tonight is the end of yet another year, and the beginning of 2008! Many things, good and bad have happened thoughout the year, but one thing remained constant – God. As I put my trust in Him he has brought about changes that truly reveal his glory.new-year-586148_1280

I had the awesome opportunity to see three generations of my cousin’s family in church – spouses included, praising God. I know it has not been an easy battle for my cousin, but this was truly a work of God and He blessed me by being able to see it. And I know that it was a vision of things to come.

I also had the opportunity to witness 27,000 women in one accord for three days. Yes, there were problems, but at the center of it all was a passion to know God more. And it was a time for bonding with my sisters – blood, marriage, and in spirit. I hope that it will become a yearly tradition, with more family added as the years go by.

I learned that WHATEVER I do, it should be for God’s Glory! That I have to start somewhere with SOMETHING, and that the best time to do that is NOW!

So as I start the new year I am filled with hope for my family and our future. Hope that I too will be able to see my family, spouse included (Okay so this just means my husband) with a heart’s desire to be in church on a regular basis. I am standing in faith for him, as well as the other members of my extended family that are holding back – that this will be the year of salvation, restoration and healing.

And I am filled with a renewed passion that I am on the path Christ laid for me and that WHATEVER I am doing it will be for His Glory and Honor. That I have to start with SOMETHING – whether it be daily Bible studies, daily prayer time, devotions with my children, witnessing to those around me, or just my daily activities – it is all for Him if I give Him glory while it is being done. And today is a great time to say – I will do it NOW!


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