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First {#FMFParty}

This year I have set a goal, not a new year’s resolution to put God first. Sometimes I think that is what I am doing, but in reality, I have still put me first. It is hard in such a … Continue reading

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Memories that lasted

Wooden door Wooden panels Not understanding Rejection Metal Pan Extension cord Tree Switch Black belt Wooden couch Sitting cross-legged In the floor Daddy is in jail Wooden panels Wooden Door Waiting Root beer floats Wooden panels Wooden door Ice Cream … Continue reading

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I’ve quoted it before Knew it by heart Fresh revelation Simple, yet profound Salvation brings the Spirit The Spirit brings fruit Fruit contains joy Sin taints the fruit Joy fades away Repentance spoken Willingness to obey comes Joy is restored … Continue reading

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Growing Weary {#FMFParty}

Growing weary in the search For what the future holds Content in what I have But dissatisfied Knowing there is more. Searching day and night Wondering what the next step will be not seeing anything except the ground beneath. My … Continue reading

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We are called to wait #Write31Days

Waiting.  It’s never an easy thing to do. Waiting patiently is even harder. Yet, the scriptures are filled with waiting. Moses waited in the wilderness. The Israelites waited for the Promise land. The world waited on a Savior. The disciples … Continue reading

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There are areas of my life I think are hidden, But I know God sees them And he truth is I want Him to see them. I want Him to really get down In the depths of my soul And … Continue reading

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I am not  a single lady So choosing to be with you, means not being with him. While I love your company, I can’t reach him, placing others before him. I am not a divorced lady While if I looked … Continue reading

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You Are Here {#fmfparty}

At times I seem to forget, that the Lord is with me here I see Him when I need Him And thank Him for the good But as long as I live He is here And I can choose to … Continue reading

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Stained glass

Transparent beauty fragmented pieces pieced together forming a beautiful picture To draw attention, for enjoyment and inspiration. Broken Life Transparent hurt Glued back together By the blood of the cross Beautiful picture that draws attention to God’s trans-formative power Mercy … Continue reading

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Be with me

How do I go Where I have not been? How do I face What I have not seen? How can I follow With no one to lead? How can I stand When I feel so alone? Take me hand Lord … Continue reading

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