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Guarding the Heart of Marraige

Malachi 2:15-16 (CJB) And hasn’t he made [them] one [flesh] in order to have spiritual blood-relatives? For what the one [flesh] seeks is a seed from God. Therefore, take heed to your spirit, and don’t break faith with the wife … Continue reading

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Consuming fire

Today in praise and worship we were singing a song by Jesus Culture “Burning Ones.” It was as if I was hearing the song for the first time.  God has been speaking to me about love – love for Him … Continue reading

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Lead the Way

God has placed on my heart a burden for marriages in the church. It comes in waves, but when it hits I can hardly move under the weight of it.  At times I feel like it us a selfish burden, … Continue reading

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No Condemnation

I’ve been thinking a lot about condemnation – the guilt, not fear, that keeps people from stepping out. Guilt of past actions and inactions.  We sin too much or have not done as much for the kingdom as we think we should. … Continue reading

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Help and Shield

I was watching a television show the other night and there was a protest going on.  On one side people were yelling at the police for not doing enough.  The other group of people were yelling because the police were interfering. In the middle stood the police … Continue reading

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Unfailing Love {#Write31Days}

Sorrows are part of everyone’s life.  It seems that in the past year almost everyone I know has went through some sorrowful times.  Good people have been hurt, lost loved ones, faced sickness and disease, dealt with disappointment.  Good people face … Continue reading

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All you need

I saw a sign recently that said “All you need is love.”  I thought about the number of trainings as a professional that I go to that contradict this comment.  Problems in society like poverty, the brokenness found in abuse … Continue reading

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Do We See?

I think we see what we have and what others don’t, but do we really stop and think about it?  Do we really see the difference?  Do we see that our community is weighted with suffering and burdened with injustice? … Continue reading

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You are blessed

As you start your day, I just want to remind you of just how blessed and loved you are. Ephesians1:3-8 holds many truths. I would encourage you to explore for yourself. Among them: God has blessed you with every good … Continue reading

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Clearheaded for Christ #Write31Days

God calls His children to live in the light and be clearheaded.  It’s easy to want, but walking it out can be a challenge.  With so many things competing for a place in our mind, we must be to keep … Continue reading

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