Experience #Write28Days

Why would God allow me to experience this?  I am often met with that question.  How a God who is suppose to be good, who is all knowing, and all powerful can permit all the evil that is allowed in the world.  It is so easy to want to put it on Him.  For a... Continue Reading →

Un-learn the learned #Write28Days

There are many lessons that we learn from being broken that as we are healing have to be unlearned. I have heard it quoted that research shows it takes 20 to 40 positives to overcome every negative thing we hear.  Most people are not broken by being encouraged and uplifted by others.  Instead there are... Continue Reading →

Explore the Word #Write28Days

The Bible is the living Word of God. In my own healing process, it has been the single best tool in my journey. Although I grew up memorizing scriptures and hearing the stories found in the Bible, it was only over the past two decades that I have learned that I can apply it to... Continue Reading →

Enough is enough #write28days

Only you can decide when your need for healing is greater than your need to hold on to what broke you. You alone can start the journey to healing as you choose to start the healing process.You are the only one  who can decide when enough is enough.  Only when you are ready to make... Continue Reading →

Building Community #Write28Days

Building Community can be hard when you are in the broken space, but community is another piece needed for healing.  Many things that break us, tend to isolate us.  Secrets we are told to keep from abuse.  Separation from others in domestic violence.  Relationships torn from addiction.  Shame, blame, guilt are things that keep us... Continue Reading →

More than a number #write28days

When you feel broken it can be helpful to know that you are not alone in your hurt. Understanding that you are not the only one who has walked the path of brokenness can offer a hope in the darkest moments.  The world is full of people who have faced things that could break the... Continue Reading →

Make or Break You #Write28days

There are decisions that we make every day that help determine the space we live in. Whether we live in the broken space or decide to live in the space of healing is largely based on our decisions. There are times when the decision is made on a moment by moment basis. As we begin... Continue Reading →

Joy in the Brokenness #write28days

Joy may seem impossible when your in the midst of your brokenness, but with God, nothing is impossible.  In fact, the Bible says:My brethren, count it all JOY when you fall into various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience. But let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect... Continue Reading →

Broken Intent #Write28Days

Often times in our brokenness we spend so much time looking for someone to blame.  There may really be a person at the root of our pain.  As a teenager, I was raped.  The only person to blame for my brokenness in that situation was the rapist.  I had a counselor tell me that I... Continue Reading →

Begin Again #Write28Days

When you're broken, there are moments, sometimes long ones, when you feel like you can not possibly go on. That moment looks different for each of us. Some moments are a fleeting thought we can capture and move forward, knowing it is a choice to stay there. There are other times, that the moment seems... Continue Reading →

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