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Even when I don’t understand

I often fail in my purpose out of fear, but when fear passes, what I regret is the missed opportunities. God is faithful to His promises, I am called to stand in faith for what He is asking of me … Continue reading

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God can handle it

I have been listening to the book of Job in The Message translation of the Bible. It is really interesting to hear conversations in modern language, it makes me take pause. So many people are afraid to really talk to … Continue reading

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Missing information

Each year I try to do a Read Through the Bible in Year plan, in addition to other Bible studies that I might do.  I have also tried to change the version that I read each year for the past … Continue reading

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Focus Close {#Write31Days}

When all else fails, or even better before you start your journey, realize that if you seek God first, He will guide your path right where He wants you to focus. If you are feeling discontent, look at how close … Continue reading

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Focus on Help {#Write31Days}

There are two things in life that I admittedly really struggle with: 1) My weight and 2) Asking for help.  When it comes to needing help with my purpose or where I am needing to focus, I am not good … Continue reading

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Starting your Focus {#Write31Days}

It can be difficult to start anything new, but when it comes to finding your purpose and focusing, you have to start.  So many times being scared about missing the mark keeps us from getting started, but God’s Mercy is … Continue reading

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Focus on Audience {#Write31Days}

Just as it important to know who you are, it is also important to know who your audience is as you begin to focus your life. I have a grandson that is just a ham. He does some of the … Continue reading

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Focus on Who {#Write31Days}

My house was a bit noisy yesterday, so I didn’t have the quiet I need write. The idea was there, just not the environment. I will also in full disclosure say, this post will take me over five minutes to … Continue reading

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Prayer of Focus {#Write31Days}

Lord, Its me again.  Thank you for always being there for me when I come to you.  I know you want me to come more often.  Thank you for the grace that covers me even as I try to do … Continue reading

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Focus on the Ask {#Write31Days}

“Ask and you shall receive.” John 16:24 It is a scripture I know quiet well, yet often have such a hard time doing for myself. Growing up I didn’t feel like I could ask for anything. I felt unimportant, despite … Continue reading

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